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Below is a growing list of links that deal with northern construction and/or energy efficient building practices.


R2000 - Energy Efficient Building Program flag_canada.jpg - 4.5 K
Alaska Craftsman Home Program
Institute for Research in Construction flag_canada.jpg - 4.5 K
Center for Resourceful Building Technology flag_usa.jpg - 5.0 K
The National Association of Home Builders Research Center flag_usa.jpg - 5.0 K
U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab flag_usa.jpg - 5.0 K
Natural Resources Canada flag_canada.jpg - 4.5 K
Alaska Building Science Network
Northwest Territories Housing Corporation flag_canada.jpg - 4.5 K
Canadian Polar Commission flag_canada.jpg - 4.5 K
Cold Climate Housing Research Center
Alaska Sun - Solar Energy in Alaska


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