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Welcome to the Northern Research and Technology in Housing or "NoRTH" homepage. This site is dedicated to sharing information and knowledge about northern building issues and techniques. The NoRTH Committee includes members from northern Canada and Alaska. This website is intended to broaden this knowledge base and to encompass the full Circumpolar region.

Newsletters contains newsletters from various agencies pertaining to northern building issues. Previous editions of the Alaska Building Science News, Cold Climate Housing Research Center Quarterly Reports, and the NoRTH Frostline newsletters have been included and new articles may be posted from time to time.

Fact Sheets contain summarized or short research reports of research conducted in the North. New fact sheets will be posted periodically and can be supplied by anyone. The information contained on these pages is invaluable for those who wish to understand northern construction. Check out the new fact sheet by clicking the new fact sheet link icon. If you would like to receive notice by email of newly posted fact sheets please click here.

Contacts provides a listing of individuals involved in northern building issues. Use this page to find experts in a specific field.  You may also submit new contact information for posting here.

Northern Related Links is a compilation of links to other sites which deal with similar issues.

Bulletin Board is a medium to give like minded souls in the construction arena a forum for discussion. Use this tool to start a new discussion, or contribute to an existing discussion.

Please support vendor organizations that are involved in building, construction, and heating and cooling in northern environments. Locally-owned heating and cooling repair companies like this boiler and furnace repair in Trenton, NJ can build to exactly suit your environment and keep your furnace, boiler, or air conditioner running in all conditions.

Upcoming Events contains postings of conferences, meetings, and training events which pertain to northern construction.

Jobs provides a listing of current job postings in the northern and remote building field. You may also submit a job to be posted here by using the "Submit a Job" link.

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